Proofreading Services in Sheffield

Proofreading services Sheffield

Here at Word Perfect we understand that many people have access to computers which allows you to type your own reports, projects and other documents.  Many are for personal use and the spelling and grammar checker in the program is adequate for this purpose.  However, when your document is for an examination, when it is for business promotion or use by any third party it is important that poor spelling and grammar does not detract from the quality of the contents.  Common errors including except/accept, there/their, affect/effect, weather/whether, write/right and many more cannot be corrected by most personal computers.

We can proofread your document to ensure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.  We can check that references and contents all match and ensure that the layout enhances the contents.  This allows the content of the document to be the main focus of the reader and not any spelling mistakes or poor grammar, and that money is not wasted on printed matter that has to be re-printed because of on overlooked error.

NB: Calls made to the landline number 0333 900 1390 are free from any inclusive landline and mobile minutes.

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