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Secretarial services Sheffield FAQs

What is Verbatim Transcription?

This is a full transcript of everything that is said in the recording including all the 'erms' and 'ers' etc.  These transcripts are often required for interviews by universities for qualitative analysis and by the legal profession.

What is Intelligent Verbatim Transcription?

All the 'erm' and 'ers' etc are omitted from the transcript and abbreviations are usually removed and replaced with formal terms eg 'you've' becomes 'you have' etc.

I have an audio file that I need transcribing.  How do I go about it?

Simply contact us via email, fax or telephone and based on the length of the file and type of recording/content we will provide you with an estimate straight away.

What software do you use?

All assignments are completed using the Microsoft Office 2003 programmes - Word, Excel etc.

What services do you offer?

We can help with audio typing/trancription, digital typing/transcription, copy typing, manuscript typing, word processing, interview transcription, student transcription, all forms of digital files can be converted to suit our system, typing of surveys, building surveys, reports, schedules, specifications, dissertations, thesis etc.  Don't see what you're looking for then just give us a call or email us to discuss your requirements.

How long does it take to transcribe a recording?

We speak four times faster than we type.  Generally you should allow four times the length of a recording.  These are factors that could alter the time it takes to transcribe a recording ie audio quality, clearness of dictator, number of people speaking, background noise, speed of conversation, foreign accents etc.

What happens if you cannot hear certain words within a transcription?

If dialogue cannot be deciphered, we will put what we thought was said or if the word is totally inaudible - in either case we will highlight it in yellow.  We can mark the audio time next to the word in order that you can listen to it.

What additional services can you offer?

We offer a printing, scanning, laminating, photocopying and binding service.

What happens if I require a fast turnaround?

This is not a problem but will be subject to an additional charge.

NB: Calls made to the landline number 0333 900 1390 are free from any inclusive landline and mobile minutes.

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